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A Reason by Robert Creeley

Here’s a secret: I wanted to steal all the Robert Creeley books in the library. Every bookstore I went to doesn’t have his works. Shame.

A Reason
Robert Creeley

Each gesture
is a common one, a
black dog, crying, a
man, crying.

All alike, people
or things grow
fixed with what
happens to them.

I throw a stone.
It hits the wall,
it hits a dog,
it hits a child—

my sentimental
names for years
and years ago, from
something I’ve not become.

If I look
in the mirror,
the wall, I
see myself.

If I try
to do better
and better, I
do the same thing.

Let me hit you.
Will it hurt.
Your face is hurt
all the same.

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