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White Dog by Charles Bukowski

Yesterday was my dog’s birthday. He was a German shepherd named Mitch. He died almost two years ago.

I still miss him.

White Dog
Charles Bukowski

I went for a walk on Hollywood Boulevard.
I looked down and there was a large white dog
walking beside me.
his pace was exactly the same as mine,
we stopped at traffic signals together.
a woman smiled at us.
he must have walked 8 blocks with me.
then I went into a grocery store and
when I came out he was gone.
or she was gone.
the wonderful white dog
with a trace of yellow in its fur.
the large blue eyes were gone.
the grinning mouth was gone.
the lolling tongue was gone.

things are so easily lost.
things just can’t be kept forever.

I got the blues.
I got the blues.
that dog loved and
trusted me and
I let it walk away.

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  • Justyce

    i know how that fools. to be loved and trusted by someone or something and to just carelessly let it slip through your fingers. It’s painful.because once it’s gone you feel guilty of letting it / them down and you wish with all your heart that you could fix it, or take it back but you can’t . i think this poem is so beautiful . thank you for letting it be on the internet or i would never have gotten to read it . it has brought some realization to many broken relationships that i need to fix . thanks again!

  • Justyce

    i meant to put feels not fools sorry

  • Anonymous

    That is amazing! wow!

  • Charles Bukowski is great.

  • i am nobody

    how did i not find this sooner? reminds me a bit of “masks” by shel silverstein.

  • Alex Toulio



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