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Marengo by Mary Oliver

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Working as usual. I just want to lie in bed and never wake up, but reality persists, as well as other grown-up stuff I wish I’m not obliged to deal with. Listening to The Everly Brothers and feeling sleepy all the same. I read this poem earlier. I haven’t smoked in days. More than a week, I think.

Mary Oliver

Out of the sump rise the marigolds.
From the rim of the marsh, muslin with mosquitoes,
rises the egret, in his cloud-cloth.
Through the soft rain, like mist, and mica,
the withered acres of moss begin again.

When I have to die, I would like to die
on a day of rain–
long rain, slow rain, the kind you think will never end.

And I would like to have whatever little ceremony there might be
take place while the rain is shoveled and shoveled out of the sky,

and anyone who comes must travel, slowly and with thought,
as around the edges of the great swamp.

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