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Blank Villanelle by Ron Spalletta

Still can’t over my stupid mistake the other night. How can I be so careless and unhinged. I should just really stay away from the computer when I’m drunk. So I don’t do drunk dial, I don’t drink and drive, but apparently I write letters that talk about my desires then send them foolishly to the person in question. Man.

Blank Villanelle
Ron Spalletta

for Patricia

As long as you want
almost never is
as long as you want,

or it is much longer.
He will not live
as long as you want,

but his forgetfulness
will last as long as memory,
as long as you. Want,

at once desire and privation,
is the work of his disease.
As long as you want

him, you return to watch hours
unravel. Are they hard as yours,
as long? As you want

to let go of the ghost,
you say “but I’ll stay
as long as you want,
as long as you want.”

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