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I May After Leaving You Walk Quickly or Even Run by Matthea Harvey

Received this poem in the mail. Thank you.

I May After Leaving You Walk Quickly or Even Run
Matthea Harvey

Rain fell in a post-romantic way.
Heads in the planets, toes tucked

under carpets, that’s how we got our bodies
through. The translator made the sign

for twenty horses backing away from
a lump of sugar. Yes, you.

When I said did you want me
I meant me in the general sense.

The drink we drank was cordial.
In a spoon, the ceiling fan whirled.

The Old World smoked in the fireplace.
Glum was the woman in the ostrich feather hat.

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  • I am glad to have discovered your space today. Skimming through your choice of poetry is overwhelming, and I dare say this in a good way. Such confrontations, confessions, such tragic pleasure.

    Hang in there and live well, T. And thank you.


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