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Oh, When I Was In Love With You by A.E. Housman

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I had to deal with a few things and talk to myself for awhile, without anybody listening. Witnesses only compound the pain. But here I am again. Quite myself again. In Pampanga, in the car, while S. goes to find the bathroom, and S. pays for gas, I was seized with the urge to just cry and cry. But I didn’t. I missed a lot of things, sure. But I’m learning. Quite myself again, I hope.

Hello, December.

Oh, When I Was In Love With You
A.E. Housman

Oh, when I was in love with you,
    Then I was clean and brave,
And miles around the wonder grew
    How well did I behave.

And now the fancy passes by,
    And nothing will remain,
And miles around they’ll say that I
    Am quite myself again.

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