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Let The Day Go by Grace Paley

I think am one of those people you glimpse at night, whose silhouettes are outlined behind the curtain, whose windows are open, and you can hear music playing. Say, Henry Mancini’s Moon River. Or Dustin O’Halloran’s Opus 23.

Except I have no window. And it’s Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. And I’m working through the night. And I’m tapping my feet.

Are you alone tonight?

We’ll get by.

Let The Day Go
Grace Paley

         who needs it
I had another day in mind
something like this one
         sunny green the earth
just right having suffered
the assault of what is called
torrential rain the pepper
the basil sitting upright
in their little boxes waiting
I suppose for me also the
cosmos the zinnias nearly
blooming a year too late
forget it let the day go
the sweet green day let it
take care of itself

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  • Megan Hasse

    I think you are one of those people who, if you had a window, would always be looking out it. You would never get your work done. Listen to Angus and Julia Stone, Chocolate and Cigarettes. It reminds me of you.


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