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After Touching You, I Think of Narcissus Drowning by Leila Chatti

After Touching You, I Think of Narcissus Drowning
Leila Chatti

How desire is a thing I might die for. Longing a well,
a long dark throat. Enter any body

of water and you give yourself up
to be swallowed. Even the stones

know that. I have writhed
against you as if against the black

bottom of a deep pool. I have emerged
from your grip breathless

and slicked. How easily
I could forget you

as separate, so essential
you feel to me now. You

beneath me like my own
blue shadow. You silent as the moon

drifts like a petal
across your skin, my mouth

to your lip—you a spring
I return to, unquenchable, and drink.


You know this—how deep desire can be. How I feel blessed to have hours upon hours looking at your face.

I know what hunger is because I yearn for you.

The way I want to find your hands on my body. The way I go looking for your mouth in the dark, always, and everywhere.


This poem appeared in Poem-a-Day, published by the Academy of American Poets, 2021. Shared here with profound gratitude.


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  • Fran

    Thank you, I love Leila’s work.😍


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