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Love Comes Quietly by Robert Creeley

Love Comes Quietly
by Robert Creeley

Love comes quietly,
finally, drops
about me, on me,
in the old ways.

What did I know
thinking myself
able to go
alone all the way.


I thought I could do it, you know. Go at it alone, I mean. All the way to the end. I thought I’d be fine, considering. I thought it is something one gets used to. I thought at some point I have convinced myself that it is how life is. It is what it is.

Ah, how foolish I was. What did I know all this time.

For Love by Robert CreeleySOURCE

This poem appeared in For Love: Poems 1950-1960 by Robert Creeley, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1962. Shared here with deep gratitude.


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    You are beautiful. This made me cry. I am mostly at 1. (So tired.) A sliver of hope still exists for a possibility of 2. I have been praying for it to dissipate but, it remains, and it wounds me.


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