Author: T.

"Having died / all the way back to the root, I grow again / into a version of the thing I love"

"are you smiling / at an idea met in a book / the way you smiled with your whole body / the first night we talked?"

"And every night I give my body up / limb by limb, working upwards / across bone, towards the heart."

"so this is the sound of you / here and now whether or not / anyone hears it"

"Each one is a small life, but sometimes long, if its / place in the universe is not found out."

"The cat mews orchids from his mouth. / His whiskers are also orchids. / The grass is sprouting orchids. / It is becoming mostly orchids."

"forgive the bodies i swallowed like broken teeth: the knees i spent trying to summon god in my own mouth:"