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Morning in the Burned House by Margaret Atwood

 Author: Atwood, Margaret  Publisher: Mariner Books  Published: 1996  ISBN: 9780395825211  Country: Canada  Language: English

These beautifully crafted poems from Morning in the Burned House by Margaret Atwood—by turns dark, playful, intensely moving, tender, and intimate—make up the author’s most accomplished and versatile gathering to date, “setting foot on the middle ground / between body and word.”

Some draw on history, some on myth, both classical and popular. Others, more personal, concern themselves with love, with the fragility of the natural world, and with death, especially in the elegiac series of meditations on the death of a parent. But they also inhabit a contemporary landscape haunted by images of the past.

Generous, searing, compassionate, and disturbing, this poetry rises out of human experience to seek a level between luminous memory and the realities of the everyday, between the capacity to inflict and the strength to forgive. (via)


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