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Poems 1968-1972 by Denise Levertov

 Author: Levertov, Denise  Publisher: New Directions  Published: 1987  ISBN: 9780811210041  Pages: 259  Country: USA  Language: English
Poems 1968-1972 by Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov’s Poems 1968-1972 gathers together all the poems from Relearning the Alphabet (1970), To Stay Alive (1971), and Footprints (1972). Testifying to Levertov’s growing strength and technical mastery as a poet, Poems 1968-1972 also affirms the clarity of her vision in its resistance to the Vietnam War and its “opposition to the whole system of insane greed of which war is only the inevitable expression.”

The third retrospective volume of her poetry to be published to date by New Directions, Poems 1968-1972 carries forward the record of Denise Levertov’s remarkable poetic development from Collected Earlier Poems 1940-1960 and Poems 1960-1967.



“Her art opens new dimensions of object and situation that but for it we would never have known.” Ralph J. Mills Jr., Contemporary American Poetry

“Levertov is a poet of flexibility, depth, and imaginative growth. She has become one of those figures around whom a large part of our sense of what has occurred in American poetry in the past fifteen years or so revolves.” Parnassus: Poetry in Review




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