1. Dinner with some friends and the conversation turned to art (oh god here we go). As usual, I kept my mouth shut, because, well, what do I know really? I just like standing in front of big windows and looking

1. What happened is, I sat on my desk yesterday and found that bits and pieces of my life were stolen. I know no other way to say it except that. It feels a lot like someone is stealing my life,

1. Let's try this again. 2. The truth is, I was confronted with the fact that the space I have created for myself is not invincible. It is a thing I had to digest for a while. I had thought myself under the

“I write for myself and strangers.” — Gertrude Stein


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The days are good. I'm doing something new now for work. Figures, how I only get to be happy when I'm doing something that I enjoy but getting paid very little. It's almost a favor now to my client, hardly

Because I am weak. Haves Lyn Lifshin even lying down, a sea of pine, red birds, crickets and your hands, the feel of waking up in the morning bursting with haves

Still sick. I didn't go to school today. In other news, I just heard that two of my friends are now in love and are together. Bizarre, weird, beautiful. I might be alone in thinking that things are happening too

Kausap ko ang mga kaibigan ko kanina. Kumustahan, kuwentuhan, tawanan. Tapos naalala ko 'to. Pagwawalay Rolando S. Tinio May mga kalungkutang hindi mabansagan, Walang dahilan o katwiran, Kinahihinatnan nang walang kamalay-malay: May kaunting pangangatal sa ilang bahagi ng katawang Unti-unti mong napapakiramdaman. Tinutuluyan mo, o tumutuloy sa iyo, Bahagyang

Well of course I want things. Everybody, at least once in their lives, has stayed awake all night thinking about the things they want. Some eventually get coaxed back to bed, and they turn, smiling, remembering what they already have.

Thinking of water, again. What I would give to live in a house by the sea. I would walk the shoreline every day, and occasionally throw my poems to the wind. I would watch them fly, then fall, then get

1. Chopin on Nocturne in C sharp minor, Op. 27/1, Larghetto. In four minutes and four seconds, I sat quite still while my heart is breaking. 2. Sharp pangs were never unfamiliar, but I never thought I’d go this way again: it’s been

"are you smiling / at an idea met in a book / the way you smiled with your whole body / the first night we talked?"

Because it will always be true, in this life or the next: "When I have you

It is past midnight. Hello, new year. Hello, self. I raise my head and look at the sky. I say my name. Once. Twice. Again. I say, here. Here. What am I, after all? Another speck in the universe. Beginning

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