What readers are saying

Over the course of almost two decades, Read A Little Poetry has been praised, quoted in, referenced, and linked to in numerous online articles, such as The Guardian and BuzzFeed and the podcast, On Being, among others.

Around the world, this site has also become an important resource to many teachers and professors from universities around the world—and as of August 2022, we have received around 4.2 million views in the site’s lifetime.

Nevertheless, the most significant achievement for me, and the closest to my heart, are the kind words I have received over the years from readers, both new and returning. I have gathered some of them here.

“Read A Little Poetry is ineffable, beautiful, rarefied, and true.” — P.

“It’s like you have created a soundtrack for all our lives, only with poetry.” — A.

“I admire your words, your ways of constituting your languaged self, your reaching into poetry to find meaning...” — C.

“Thank you for this absolute treasure trove of delicious words.” — B.

“Isn’t that why art matters to us, because it somehow reaches out and connects with our lives?...Thank you for creating this fantastic archive!” — S.

“You introduced me to so many poets I now can't imagine not being a part of my life.” — P.

“It was a heartening experience: when someone else knows your burden, it somehow becomes easier to bear, easier to accept. Thank you. You gave that to me...” — M.

“Your words are two-edged and once inflicted, has the ability to reveal a hidden connection between the soul and the spirit. How I love reading your entries...” — L.T.

“Thank you very much for being here, and to make it less lonely for people like us who live in a noisy world...Thank you for creating this, especially on those days when holding myself seems impossible.” — R.

“With poems I am not alone. Thank you for posting some of the best.” — J.

“I stumbled upon this page a long time ago on the search for a poem. I discovered multitudes.” — E.

“The poetry is beautiful, the raw snippets of your life are beautiful...” — M.

“The poems you post are just the kind I like: smart but accessible, passionate but not melodramatic...Thank you for keeping me, and probably so many others, company as we sit in the dark late at night (or early in the morning) in our loneliness and hope.” — T.

“Your thoughts often merge into the poems that you share...I have found a lot of beauty in your words.” — A.

"What a goddess-send, this blog. Thank you for your candor and wonderful writing, and for sharing poems I might have taken years and decades to get around to discovering, if I discovered them at all…" — S.

"Beautiful – what a gloriously generous gift is this space of your feelings, words and the most precious of findings, soul-poems. Thank you, a thousand times." — R.

"It rarely happens that you rake up old leaves and discover a silver tassel hidden among them." — M.

“It’s as though I’m remembering what art can do, and why art about hard things is so satisfyingly necessary.” — E.A.

“Thank you for this resting place.” — T.B.

“You've made me feel less alone. I often find myself drowning in inspiration and drunk on poems...” — L.

“Your love for poetry reinstills my faith in mankind and gives me a place to run to.” — Z.

“I read you, like others read their horoscope...” — M.

“I wanted to tell you that this place has been a source of strength for me in ways you cannot imagine...when I read all that you write and not just these poems, I feel a sense of, who expresses everything she feels and gives so much light, is rare and beautiful.” — A.

“I find comfort knowing you exist in the spaces of my darkness.” — PSV.

“This is my quiet nook and my heart sits understood and happy. Thank you for being here.” — C.

Thank you for your generosity

This has become the work of my life, which has taken me thousands of hours to nurture and protect. The poems on this site have reached many people across wide demographic and geographic locations, most of whom have stayed all these years. We have all grown together.

If this place holds meaning for you, I would be tremendously grateful if you might support Read A Little Poetry. I ask not for profit or personal gain, but for a genuine desire to keep the site running, with a little help from friends. You can be a hand in the dark reaching out to ensure we get to continue all of this.

Please know that I do not take any of this for granted—all gifts are significant, and well appreciated. Thank you. You have my heart.

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