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Reading Someone Else’s Love Poems by Kate Light

Reading a poem, when all I want to do is kiss you.

Reading Someone Else’s Love Poems
Kate Light

is, after all, all we’ve ever done
for centuries—except write them—but what
a strange thing it is, after all, rose-cheeks and sun-
hair and lips, and underarms, and that little gut
I love to nuzzle on, soft under-belly—oops—
that wasn’t what I meant to talk about;
ever since handkerchiefs fell, and hoop-
skirts around ankles swirled
and smiled, lovers have dreamed their loves upon
the pages, courted and schemed and twirled
and styled, hoping that once they’d unfurled their down-
deep longing, they would have their prize—
not the songs of love, but love beneath disguise.

From The Laws of Falling Bodies by Kate Light, published by Story Line Press, 1997.

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