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To Be Elsewhere by Hsia Yü

You said you didn’t want to risk it; you wanted to protect that life. I don’t know which hurts more: that you would never take the leap for me or that I am not part of what you desire to keep safe. Having loved you: oh, what of it, then.

To Be Elsewhere
Hsia Yü

We met in a coastal village
spent a lovely night without leaving an address
going separate ways. Three years later
we meet again by coincidence.
The whole
three years spun a novel
we abandoned:
They fail to recognize themselves
as though meeting in another story
for an encounter.
One asks: Who are you, so cold and weary
The other says: I only know a thread is loose on my sweater
                  The more you pull it, the more it lengthens
                  until I completely vanish.

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  • belle

    Its a little sad for me that I can totally relate to this particular entry. I always feel like you and I are the same person living in different worlds.


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